Founder, Cameron McKenzie-McHarg's Sub 6 Minute 2km Ergo

by Cameron McKenzie-McHarg on May 25, 2020
As the world went into lockdown, our 776BC Co-Founder Cam McKenzie-McHarg set himself the ambitious task of doing a sub 6 minute 2km @concept2 ergo test, on the back of a 6 week program he put together. Motivation is all about having a target, results are all about having a program to get there. Friday, May 22 was D-day, and with a few tenths to spare Cam clocked the 2km test in 5:59.4.......and if you watch to the end what looks like a healthy dose of lactate. If you want to have a go at the 6 week program Cam put together and see what you can achieve for your 2km send us an email at The program is individually matched to your target score, so don't worry you don't have to go sub 6min.
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"Well it certainly wasn’t pretty, but I hit my mark of a sub 6min 2km on the @concept2inc ergo. 5:59.4 I thought I was actually set up for a bigger score but couldn’t avoid the wall of lactate that hit with 150m to go. Body is definitely not as effective with processing or operating with lactate as I used to be....but that’s the difference between elite training & a 6 week ergo program. Still interesting what you can achieve in a short time & focused program. Think with a few tweaks I could get down to 5:55 - 5:52 but perhaps I should move onto the next challenge? Sub 3hr marathon?" - Cameron McKenzie-McHarg
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