Nina Curtis Sailing Forward

by 776BC Athletes on June 21, 2016

Goals are critical to staying motivated, but no matter how hard we work sometimes things don't go to plan. The best athletes know how to re-set, re-focus and continue towards the next goal. Narrowly missing out on qualifying for the Rio Games, 776BC athlete and sailor Nina Curtis shares her experiences this year and thoughts on what the future holds.

How do you push through, when things don't go to plan?

For me, when things don't go as expected, I look for another avenue or path to get to where I want to go. When I feel like all my options have been exhausted I usually give myself some down time where I can process what has happened. I will then look for a project or opportunity that will be a good fit for me at the time. After a big sporting campaign finishes I usually find it best to just do something, rather than worrying about making the right choice. Better to try something and not like it than always wonder what could have been.

Do you ever anticipate a 'plan B' scenario?

Usually no, I am always trying to give 100% in my sailing and I can't do that when I'm thinking about plan B. Usually you don't know how you will actually feel after a sporting disappointment. In my experience it can be quite different to what you would expect. I currently feel quite inspired and have a few exciting projects coming up despite a roller coaster of a year. If I had my plan B all planned out I may have not found myself in this situation with a fresh new take and passion for my sport.

You recently reversed roles with your crewmate Haylee Outteridge and skippered in the Hobie 16 Championships in China - how did your individual role change in this scenario?

We had a fantastic time in China at the Hobie 16 worlds. I skippered in all 3 events after crewing full time for the last 10 years. I was very rusty and Haylee was very patient. We learned so much about each others roles in the boat and learned skills that will really help us once we switch back to our normal roles. We won the silver medal in the Women's World Championships and I was the first female skipper in the Open Championships. I think it's so important in elite team sports to have a strong understanding of all the roles in the team. It can give you a real edge.

What’s the plan for the next six months?

Over the next six months I'm excited to have the time to broaden my sailing skill set. The Hobie 16 was a great environment to do some big fleet skippering. Haylee and I are spending some time in Bermuda so we can get some exposure to some fast and foiling boats and we are also learning to kite surf. We have a few additional projects in the pipeline that we hope to get off the ground very soon. It's great to have the time now to learn some new skills and be the very best sailor I can be.

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