One Olympiad Ends, Another Begins

by Cameron McKenzie-McHarg on August 31, 2016

A 4 year cycle ends and another begins. Hours of preparation goes into the performance you see every four years at the Olympic & Paralympic Games. What you see is the performance. What you don’t see is the journey each athlete took to get there. For most, it’s a long tough road with countless highs and lows. Rarely is it ever a straight line. For true athletes, sport isn’t a race to the finish line. It’s a lifelong commitment to give everything, no matter what. Meaning and satisfaction lie in the milliseconds, the sweat, breaking down barriers, playing through pain and getting up in the morning to do it all again.

Over the past four years, we’ve shared the journey of our Team 776BC athletes, and what it has taken to get them there. Obviously winning is the goal, and we all chase it. But sport isn’t just about winning medals. The true prize lies in the journey. It’s the hours of hard work, the chance to improve each day, the challenges you face, the athletes and competitors you shared them with, that make the journey so rewarding. Back from the world’s ultimate stage in Rio, we want to congratulate our Team 776BC athletes for their incredible performances.

Tom Burton - Gold, Men's Sailing Laser Class

Josh Dunkley-Smith - Silver, Rowing Men’s Heavyweight Coxless Four

Naomi Flood - Women's Kayak Single 500m

Lucy Stephan - Women's Rowing Coxed Eight

Each of these athletes showed courage, resilience, focus and utter determination on their journey and performances in Rio and we couldn’t be more proud to have been part of their journey. It’s these athlete that inspire us to do what we do. We look forward to sharing the next four years with our growing team of athletes as they prepare to take the stage in Tokyo. #TakeTheLongRoad #RealAthletes
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