Recover Like A Pro

by Cameron McKenzie-McHarg on August 19, 2016

Success isn’t achieved overnight, but glory awaits those willing to take the long road. 776BC co-founder and Beijing Silver Medalist Cameron McKenzie-McHarg shares his exclusive recovery tips to help you stay on the long road.

It’s not a joke: this is the area where most athletes will get it wrong.

Take it seriously. You will feel better, enjoy the journey and perform better when it matters most. Learn how to do things in recovery where you can still switch off the mind (physio massage). Food is simple: inputs equal outputs. You put the right things in, you will get the right outputs each week, each month. You won’t notice 1 McDonalds burger, but you will notice 10.

You will notice whether you’re getting your recovery right by the quality of training you’re able to produce every day, week. It is a direct correlation. Big blocks of training, which can mean less recovery, will see a slight drop off in quality. This is ok to build a base, but be careful if this goes on too long. Don’t put your body into survival mode: it can get trapped there.

Sometimes ‘recovery’ sessions can interrupt recovery. Stretching and flexibility sessions, should be treated as a session, not recovery. Structure these into a program, so you can still have the right amount of time for recovery.

If you have some of your own tips to share, we’d love for you to share them with us! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and tag @776BC into your posts using #776BC #MyLongRoad.

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