Row Like a Pro with Cameron McKenzie-McHarg

by Robert Muir on April 09, 2020


2x Olympian and 776BC Co-founder Cameron McKenzie-McHarg is having a crack at a sub 6min 2km erg in May.

This world in lock down presents some serious challenges, but could also represent an opportunity to lock into a focused program to improve your 2km ergo. Yes you will need access to a Concept 2 ergo. But if you do have one, why not set yourself a goal over the next 6 weeks. From his 12 years of International rowing experience Cam has written a short, sharp focused program to improve your 2km ergo. It's not a huge time commitment, it's not mind numbing km's or hours on the Concept 2 ergo - it's a high quality program that focuses in on exactly what you need to improve your 2km score.

You can join in on the action by joining the 776BC Concept 2 Logbook team - and row alongside Cam during his weekly Instagram live sessions on Monday at 1PM and Saturday at 12PM -

The key details to the program are below:


Monday 3x5 (2min on /1min off). Rate 24-26.

500m Pace 80%-84% of 2km Target Split Score.

5min Rest between sets.

Wednesday 3x6 (1min on /1min off). Rate 26-30.

500m Pace 90%-94% of 2km Target Split Score.

5min Rest between sets.

Friday 3x5 (2min on /1min off). Rate 24-26.

500m Pace 80%-84% of 2km Target Split Score. 5min rest between sets.

Saturday – Race Practice 500m start. 1000m middle. 750m finish. Rate 30+. 500m Pace 100%-105% of 2km Target Split Score. Full rest between sets (i.e. 5-10mins)


Key tip from Cam:

  • The training zones are critical to stick to. Don’t push outside of these, even if you’re feeling like you’ve got plenty left in the tank.
  • For the first 2 weeks stay on the lower side of the pace targets and then step up to the higher end in the weeks 4-5.
  • The only session to let loose is the Saturday race practice session. But remember this is race practice for a 2km, so don’t try and set a PB 500m or 1000m. Focus on practicing your 2km race pace.
  • The other assumption is that on the other days you’re doing something lower intensity, i.e. run, ride, pilates, etc. And not just sitting on the couch.
  • Be ambitious but realistic with your 2km target.
  • In week 6, cut out a set on the Wednesday & Friday workout.

If you need help setting your 2km target score and getting your 500m pace targets for each session, send us an email at

Make sure to tag us in your workouts on Instagram and join the Concept 2 Logbook team! See you on the erg.
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