Sailing Forward: Haylee Outteridge

by 776BC Athletes on July 02, 2016

Goals are critical to staying motivated, but no matter how hard we work sometimes things don't go to plan. Narrowly missing out on qualifying for the Rio Games, 776BC athlete and sailor Haylee Outteridge shares her thoughts on sailing forward.

1. How do you push through, when things don't go to plan? As athletes, we wholeheartedly believe in our dreams and our ability to achieve our goals. However, I believe it is equally as important to have an open mind to other outcomes otherwise you become vulnerable to adversity. When dealing with disappointment, I find it best to share the experience with my family and friends just as I would if I were celebrating an achievement. Sharing the disappointment brings a sense of reality to the situation and that helps me take my next step forward, with logic and clarity.

2. Do you ever anticipate a 'Plan B' scenario? I don't always have a plan B. When you're doing an Olympic campaign most of your life is planned out months ahead to the finest details, so I often miss being able to make decisions in the moment based on intuition and gut instinct. So right now, while we are currently in a position of unknown, I'm enjoying making plans and decisions based on what feels right for me and my sailing at the moment.

Haylee is currently broadening her sailing skills set, continuing to compete in exotic locations with crewmate Nina Curtis. Additionally, the pair have a few exciting projects in the pipeline - stay tuned for updates.

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