Introducing natures super-yarn.
Performance meets sustainability with our new revolutionary range of perforance merino, engineered to deliver superior comfort, durability and performance.

Tested under the toughest conditions by sheep for centuries, Merino is a natural performance fibre keeping sheep warm in winter and cool in summer. Built to withstand natures most extreme weather conditions and odours due to it's superior natural moisture management, it's a genuine lifesaver and performance fibre.

Featuring NuYarn's patented stretch merino wool technology, 776BC's Pro-Merino Collection is built for athletes, engineered to outperform traditional merino.

> 5x Faster drying = unmatched moisture management.

The merino fibre absorbs vapour before it becomes droplets of perspiration delivering a dryer next-to-skin environment even under extreme conditions.

> 85% more elasticity = comfort and performance.

Stretch delivers comfort and natural movement. The elasticity in 776BC Pro-Merino is for the life of the garment as it does not degrade over time.

> 35% more thermal retention = keeping the skin cooler in warm climates and warmer when the temperature falls.

As in nature, Merino performs as a temprature regulator, keeping the skin cooler in warmer temperatures or under extreme exertion and warmer when the temperature drops. The body expends less energy in thermal regulation, leaving more reserves for athletes to use in performance.

> 8x more durable = stronger garments that withstand impact & abrasion.

Tradition merino wool lacks durability due to the structure of the woven fibre. 776BC Pro-Merino features patented two ply technology delivering superior strength extending the life of the garment.

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