Consistency is Key: Marathon Training Program

by Lauren O'Connor on July 08, 2016

Consistency is key. 776BC marathoners-in-training Lucy Stephan and Fiona Albert gives us an exclusive insight into their weekly training program.

Monday Session #1: Monday is our T2 day (threshold two) so personally for me that’s a heart-rate of between 140-155bmp. I usually substitute a 2.5h watt-bike for a 1.5h ergo because I’d much rather row than ride. Time on the ergo is worth time and a half on a watt-bike. Session #2: Gym in the afternoon. Right now our gym is a mixture between our running and our rowing training to keep strength; Olympic lifts, clean lifts and snatch lifts are predominant at the moment.

Tuesday Session #1: Tuesday is our T5 high-end speed day, reaching a heart rate above threshold. Going flat out we run 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off x 10. Rest for five minutes and repeat another two times. Session #2: Afternoon is a relaxed session like a game of ultimate frisbee or netball. Usually I walk to work to get this session in.

Wednesday Session #1: Wednesday running is 3 x 12 minutes with a 5-minute rest between sets. In this session we target a T4 on threshold heart rate. Personally that is between 160-180bpm. Session #2: Gym in the afternoon.

Thursday Session #1: Thursday morning is the same as Monday; T2 session on the watt bike or ergo. Session #2: Afternoon is a 10km run or more recently we've been doing “Heat Tent” sessions. Set up in the VIS (Victorian Institute of Sport) with an inside temperature of approx. 30 degrees. The idea is to make you sweat and get used to the heat because obviously Brisbane could be quite warm. In these session we do 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the watt bike.

Friday Session #1: Friday is power-session. On the watt bike, 8x6 minutes with 3 minutes off in between with the fan set very high, as if you were climbing a mountain. Session #2: Gym again in the afternoon.

Saturday Session #1: Saturday is our big session. We rotate through three sessions so it’s either a half marathon (21.1kms), 3 minutes on, 90 seconds off x 15, or 10 x 800m with 400 off. Session #2: Afternoon is recovery, which could be a swim or a walk, or my version which is lying down horizontally.

Sunday Session #1: Sunday is designed to be recovery, so usually a long unmeasured bike ride. I take the day off because at the moment it’s all about looking after yourself.

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