We create premium performance kit, developed by the world's best, using only the best technologies.


We involve elite athletes, like us, in every stage of development. Athletes know kit better than anyone.


Our kit is made from lightweight, super soft, hard-wearing materials, designed to perform, while making sure you look the goods.


It's a recipe. It's about putting in the work, but also having the best tools at your disposal. Our kit is developed to help you deliver your winning performance.


Unique carbon fibre fabrics (C6:Compression and C6SL:Mesh) are used through-out the 776BC performance and compression range. The carbon fibre C6 weave offers an unrivalled combination of durability, breathability and comfort.

The tensile strength of the C6 weave allows the fabric to remain lightweight, while still maintaining the garment's shape. Built for gruelling training conditions, the C6 weave also contains heat regulation and anti-static properties keeping an athlete dry and cool when the intensity steps up. The C6 fibre is 100% natural, containing UV protection, antibacterial and anti-odour properties. This prevents the build-up of sweat during and after a heavy session. The strength of the fibre means compression garments retain their integrity, no matter how many times you wash and wear them.



776BC's Liquid Titanium fabric (LTi:Performance) has been developed as an all-climate fabric providing superior breathability and body temperature regulation. Liquid Titanium is embedded into the fabric fibre under a high-temperature process to produce this unique fabric with real performance benefits.

Providing warmth in the cold mornings and keeping the body cool as it heats up the unique properties of LTi:Performance allows athletes to train longer and work harder. LTi:Performance also contains UV protection (UPF50+) and anti-odour properties.



The 776BC compression range has been developed with targeted compression zones and gradient compression to optimize the performance of the garments. Through bio-mechanical analysis combined with athlete testing the compression garments have been developed to enhance the body's circulation both in activity and recovery.

During activity the compression garments have been proven to reduce lactic acid build-up, and limit muscle vibrations allowing the athlete to train longer and harder and recover faster. The unique C6:Compression fabric used in the 776BC compression range has a memory compression property maintaining the integrity of the garment and its compression properties over the life of the garment.



Wicking properties within a fabric are critical for comfort and performance when training hard or competing. Wicking technology is incorporated in all 776BC fabrics, as it moves sweat away from the body to evaporate on the surface of the garment, keeping athletes cooler so they can train for longer. While some other fabrics have a wicking treatment which can be washed away, the wicking properties in all 776BC fabrics are part of the construction of the fabric so the garment will continue to provide wicking properties for the life of the garment.    



The analysis of how the body moves during activity informs the development of all 776BC garments to ensure optimum fit, comfort and performance. Biomechanical modelling combined with real athlete feedback is the foundations of all product development in the 776BC Lab.

Importantly biomechanical analysis occurs over extended training sessions to ensure garments continue to offer optimum fit and performance as the body steps through increasing intensity zones. This analysis feeds into developing high-performance construction techniques to ensure the garment offers the athlete optimum muscle movement and performance.  



The 776BC performance merino range features super-lightweight merino wool using the specifically developed ENIGMA fabric combining 96% full-fleece Australian Micro Merino wool with 4% elastin.

This unique fabric combines the perfect performance features for all climate training. Performance wicking removes moisture (sweat) keeping the body dry and cool in warmer conditions and warm in cooler conditions; Super-lightweight - eliminating the need for bulky layers in cooler climates; Anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties prevent the garment building up sweat and holding onto odour during and after heavy exercise. Super soft-touch Micro Merino wool eliminates any traditional discomfort from wool garments; Machine washable and quick drying to back up session after session.

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