How To Prepare For An Important Race

by 776BC Athletes on March 24, 2016

As athletes, learning how to perform when it matters most is a critical part of training. We asked 776BC athletes Alice McNamara and Haylee Outteridge, how they mentally prepare for an important race.

Alice: I take a lot of confidence from the training work done prior (to race day). I like to have replicated the start, the mid race rhythm and have seen corresponding speeds on GPS devices we use, such as stroke coaches or minimax data. As a crew we usually know what speed will be required to be up with the front-runners in the field, and if I know our crew in training has been achieving those speeds, we know what to execute in the race. As I like to think...hope is not a strategy! When we have the draw, I visualise what lane I’ll be in, and who will be around me. It’s good to anticipate where the challenges will come from so in the heat of the moment you can be proactive. I remember past good results to get confidence in what I can do that day.

Haylee: Before racing I like to feel relaxed so I try to keep the morning chilled and slow while being conscious of time. There are no two days the same in sailing so it usually involves going through the forecast for the day, checking for any changes from the race committee and eating foods that make me happy. I hate to feel rushed so basic prep makes me relax and feel ready to adapt to whatever the day throws at

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