Why Run A Marathon?

by 776BC Athletes on June 22, 2016

Motive provides meaning to actions. We asked our 776BC marathoners in training Lucy Stephan and Fiona Albert what prompted their decision to run a marathon.

Why did you choose to run the 2016 Brisbane Marathon?

Fiona: We were in the Australian Women’s Eight and went to the final qualification regatta and that didn’t end with the result we wanted. Personally, I like to have a goal and something that I am constantly working towards, so being able to see that there is an event on August 7th and it’s something that is very different to what I’ve done before, is really appealing. I’ve also always wanted to do a marathon but it trashes your legs so I haven’t been able to set aside any time to do one in the last four years.

Lucy: I was in the Australian Women’s Eight with Fee and it was really tough when we missed out on qualifying by one spot. I was driving the nine long hours from Sydney to Melbourne and thinking about what was going to keep me happy mentally and physically. I didn’t like the appeal of going straight back in the boat because by the time season started in November/December I would have been burnt out. A marathon has always been on the bucket list and I thought this is my opportunity. So, I contemplated it for five minutes before making the decision and messaging Fee to ask if she would join me.

What running experience do you have?

Fiona: I ran cross country a lot in primary school and high school. I went over to Nationals in New Zealand and competed in the 4km event but then got into rowing and made that my priority. With rowing, I just kept running ticking along in the background as part of cross training because it’s so much different than any of the measured training that we do. Because of this I find running a fun way to train and it helps to clear out my mind.

Lucy: I’ve always enjoyed running, I’m not very good at it though, more of a plodder than a runner. I’ve never run seriously but with rowing sometimes you get a coach who decides that running is a key component of the training program. I’ve always run when I have a bit of a sore back or if there is a watt bike on the program because I’d rather run than ride. Therefor, I’ve probably done it more than most rowers because I like it for the mental release. If you don’t have a GPS watch then you don’t know if you’re going fast or slow and you can just run. It’s nice to exercise and not be critiqued.

Do you have a specific goal in mind?

Fiona: I’m aiming to do 3h45m so that’s sitting on 5”19 pace. I’m relatively confident that if I don’t get a blister or hurt something during the race then I’ll be fine. Also I have to work out how to eat and drink while running.

Lucy: Originally I was just aiming for to finish it and get by though a bit of training but keep it cruisy. However, the more I training the more I would love to break 4h. That would be a pretty big deal, holding 5”42 pace. If not, I just want to get through it at a reasonable time and attack it well.

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